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Stand Out in a Small Booth Space

Not all exhibitors have the luxury of having a massive exhibit booth with an endless budget. You may feel limited with your less than desirable booth space but I'm here to let you know that with trade show booths, size isn’t always everything. You may get stuck with a 20x10 or 10x10 booth, but that doesn't mean that you must expect a small return. Small booths can still make a big impact on the show floor. With these few tips to keep in mind, a small booth may be just what you need to get your message across.

Appeal and Attract

Your booth needs to be both eye catching and effective to get your message across to the attendee within a few seconds. Create an inviting environment that welcomes conversations and makes prospects feel interested and engaged. Your booth should draw in the viewer without being too busy. It is best to keep it simple - especially in small spaces. Too much information and clutter will make your small space look cramped and uninviting. Avoid using too many words or images. Don’t waste your precious graphic space on listing products or specs. That information should  be included on handouts or pull up banners.  Instead, keep in mind your company's brand and images that communicates your message well. Avoid hard-to-read fonts and make your graphic large enough for visitors to see when passing by. Choose your colors and images carefully. The viewer should figure out what you provide and your brand name instantly.

Light up your booth

The use of lighting in your exhibit space makes a big impact and puts a spotlight on your brand and message.  LED lighting gives you endless possibilities to light up shelves, counters, and podiums.   Puck lights, soffit lights and backlit walls are also some easy solutions to add that helps draw attention and bring some light to your booth

 High and Mighty

Taller trade show booths attract attention quicker and at further distances. Unfortunately, most trade shows have height limitations especially with the smaller booth spaces. If you have a height limit, hanging signs are the way to go to easily add height to your booth. They also help tie together your booth design and make it feel more complete without having to add structural walls. Hanging signs and flags can showcase your name and brand from far distances and make your booth easier to spot.

Energetic Exhibit Staff

The booth is the first thing people will notice, but how do you make sure that your getting the most out of your booth? Your company invested a lot for this exhibit so get your best and most enthusiastic employees to represent you. Make sure that your representatives are both welcoming and informative. They should stand near the edge of the booth and be approachable.  

Have a Plan

Market your booth and company before the show, during the show and after the show.  An effective promotional strategy is essential for small exhibits. You can have your sales staff make personal phone calls, send targeted e-mails inviting attendees to your booth, direct mail, or have a social-media campaign to help you get a visit from your desired prospects. An effective marketing campaign can significantly increase the number of qualified leads generated at your  show.

During the show, be personable on social media and send out invites to your booth. Let everyone know what they are missing on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Snapchat has also shown to be an effective tool for event marketing as well. Be sure to follow up with every person that you spoke to. This can be done with a personalized email, phone call or letter. Send them a memory such as a photo they took at your booth, or a useful branded giveaway that ties into your booth. How will your name and product be remembered?

Space limitations don't automatically mean you must have a lackluster booth. Keep these helpful tips in mind and you will be on your way to an exciting booth that's well worth your investment. If you need help or need suggestions, the designers at RedSmith are available to assist you. We have the expertise to help you make a big impact in your exhibit space– large or small.

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