Storage Management. Does it work for you?

Storage management offered by display houses can be a pro or con for your properties, depending on your particular needs. So how do you determine whether it is the right choice for your display properties? First off you will need to understand what Storage Management is and what it has to offer you as a customer. Many display houses offer Storage Management as a service. Your job as a potential customer is to find out what is offered and the cost typically associated with each service. With that said let’s take a quick look at what is usually available so you have a better understanding of what “Storage Management”  really means and if it fits with your requirements.

Initial steps to Storage Management

  • ‍Initial inspection of booth properties
  • Inventory of all your booth properties
  • Catalog of graphics and graphic sizes for ease of communication moving forward
  • Recommendation to replace damaged item(s) if required

Storage Management Services

  • ‍Booth make ready- set up of booth to ensure all your components are show ready
  • Booth reconfiguration- set up of booth to a different design or more often than not to change the booth size for the next show
  • Show coordination and form filling assistance- forms completed and services ordered based on your requirements for your tradeshow (carpet, labor, A/V, Electrical, Lead Retrieval, etc…)
  • Shipping- shipping  to and from a trade show as well as show to show coordination
  • I&D Service and Supervision(By request)- helps ensure on time and on budget setups
  • Return Inspection- Inspection of display properties from a previous show to ensure all inventory has arrived and is in good order. This enables us to correct issues before your next tradeshow should one come up at the last minute.

Now that you have a general idea of what storage management is and what it offers, we can decide if it is a good fit for you. Let’s take a look at a couple scenarios as some examples. As a marketing individual you need to determine how many booth properties you own and if you have the time to manage all your assets. This includes having a location to store your properties in your office/warehouse, booth preparation, and shipping to and from locations. Remember we as a display house understand your job may require more of your time on your main objective “Marketing and ROI”.  For this sole reason many companies offer this service. Your tradeshow schedule is another relativity easy way to weigh the pros and cons of Storage Management.

If your tradeshow schedule consists of one or two pop up units and three to four tradeshows a year, then storage management may not be ideal for you. A pop up tends to be stored and shipped in small cases so space should not be an issue. Likewise for shipping, most pop ups can be checked last minute at the airport or easily sent by Fedex or UPS.

Now let’s reverse that role. You have multiple units and a very large tradeshow schedule. Space will be a definite issue unless you have a large warehouse. Combine that with multiple booth preparations, show preparations, shipping, and your main objective- marketing your company. Suddenly you have a daunting task before you. At that point you have three choices to make:

 Option 1. Hire an Exhibit Manager to handle your displays and all tradeshow coordination. Now keep in mind this means an additional person on your salary which may not be ideal, especially for a company just starting up.

Option 2. Try to handle all aspects of your current job along with Exhibit Managing. Being overwhelmed is a great way to lose focus and force you to go through a lot of shortcuts you may have not anticipated due to a lack of time, or have many items simply fall through the cracks.

Option 3. Contract a display house for Storage Management and have them manage your assets, ultimately saving time and money! They become your Exhibit Manager and aside from paying for storage, a majority of them only charge services per tradeshow, saving you time and avoiding the need for an additional fulltime employee.

There are many other instances one can come up with, but remember it is ultimately your decision which route to go. You are the only one who knows what you can handle on a daily basis.  With that said, I hope that this article has helped you understand the differences in why Storage Management maybe ideal for you or your company’s objectives.

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